Friday, July 21, 2006

Thoughts at the end of the week

Thank goodness it's Friday! I've successfully survived another week of Greek school. I must admit that my brain is way too full of paradigms and the 23 forms of "the"!! But, the weekend is for rest and relaxation- and that's my plan! Honestly, I think I'll be camped out on my couch this afternoon watching The West Wing. I need the rest.

I was discouraged by comments by a classmate of mine after receiving the quiz back. This person was complaining about missing six points for a small mistake- nothing major and announcing that a perfect grade was screwed up by a stupid mistake. While I did well on the quiz and I knew I had made some mistakes, I felt worse by the comments. I must continue to remind myself that I don't need to compare myself to anyone else! But, it is human nature, especially within these walls of CTS. I can understand how this person felt- I make stupid mistakes all the time, but it does impact others when you talk about it out LOUD. In the grand scheme of life, Greek quiz grades do not matter. That's why I'm not letting this quiz grade get to me!

On a lighter note, chapel today was amazing! I love when children are leaders in worship. They have some wonderful gifts to share with the church, and I love when those gifts are highlighted. The best moment was when Teddy (who's only three) was "dancing" around on the platform in the front of the chapel during the moment of wonder. It was priceless. He is the cutest kid- and when you are three, that's all you want to do in front of lots of people. It was a wonderful distraction from all the Greek stuff- a great way to remind you why you are here studying Greek. Children have a great way of teaching and reminding us of what really matters. A smile on the face of a kid handing you a cup of goldfish crackers is a wonderful moment of grace and love.

And thanks be to God!

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