Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Life

As 2010 begins, so will a new chapter in my life. I've been called as the pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Parkesburg, PA. In two weeks, I will move & begin my life there. My new church is fantastic - filled with warm & wonderful people, eager to see where God is leading them next. I feel very honored that they chose me to walk with them on that journey. I'll move into my house - yes, house! It's a beautiful four bedroom place, with gorgeous hardwood floors & lots of character. I am greatly looking forward to making it my home.

Reflecting back on 2009, I am reminded of where life has taken me & the people along the way. It's not been the easiest year, to say the least, but it was filled with moments of personal growth and love from friends & family. I'm so thankful to those along the way. Life certainly takes us in interesting directions and I know God was there every step of the way. There were many moments when I never thought this day would come - when I was filled with doubt and uncertainty, when my heart was overwhelmed with sorrow. I am so glad to be on the other side now and feel 2010 is going to be fabulous.

Thanks to all who have taken this journey with me. I promise to write more often. For now, peace and blessings to all as we embark on a new year.