Monday, May 11, 2009

Master of the Divine

Well, it's over! I officially finished all of my classes, papers, and finals for my MDiv on Thursday afternoon. It's a good feeling to not have my life be run by syllabi, endless amounts of reading, and writing papers. Now, I've had a few days to let it all sink in. It's been a whirlwind of a journey over the last four years! I move between feeling sad about leaving & feeling excited about what will come next. The moments of excitement seem to be more frequent than those of sadness, but there have been many, many tears shed over the last week or so. But, I think I've come to a place of acceptance about leaving CTS, which is good. It's not a final goodbye to friends, thanks to the miracles of Facebook & email. It will be a little strange not living in community, but something I will get used to.

So, my days are filled with packing boxes & writing my sermon for final assessment. That is my next big thing - final assessment on June 1st with the CPM & in front of Presbytery on June 6th. Then, the real fun begins:) I feel good about all of it. I know God is with me all the way.

Graduation is Saturday morning! It should be a wonderful day. My parents arrive Friday morning & I'm blessed to have my aunt, cousin & her 2 1/2 year old son Micah coming down from Ohio to celebrate with us for the weekend.

A week from today, I will be at home in Tennessee. I don't think that part has sunk in just yet...