Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Beginnings

These past few days I've been reflecting on new beginnings. It is the start of the new semester at seminary and my course load is heavy, but all things I am genuinely interested in. I'm taking Theology I, Exegesis of Matthew, Contemporary Homiletics, along with interning at a church for my supervised ministry. There is an incredible amount of reading involved for Theology and Homiletics, and just plain work for Greek. What a wonderful time for learning to balance my life: class work, reading, church time, time for Sabbath and friends. Life is starting to get interesting now.

I'm happy about being at my church. There is so much I want to learn and participate in, so I need to learn how to properly set my office hours and stick with them. This is a nearly impossible task for pastors, but I am hoping as a pastoral intern I can do it. I'm really jazzed about having the opportunity to work with an emerging young adult ministry program. This is an area that makes me feel passionate about the work of God. My passion is here- being on the journey with fellow young adults, preaching and teaching the Word. There is a real richness here and I want to help cultivate it in them and also in myself. What a invaluable experience this next year of my life will be!

The other area of new beginnings is my dad's search for a new call. He called last night to share with me a list of churches seeking new staff members. I like three of the five places he mentioned. I am earnestly praying for direction for him. This is a major decision, since this will likely be the last church he will serve. My dad is a wonderful man and a profound example of what it means to serve God and the church.

There were also new beginnings for those in this country who lost people five years ago on Sept. 11th. This is the fifth year anniversary of the tragic event, and some are now just beginning to move on with their lives. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions and thoughts in their minds! I read about children who lost parents or family- and all they really want to do is begin to move on from the events of five years ago. It is hard for them to see all of the media obsession with the events that happened not only then but what has happened since that fateful day. What does this say about us as a media savvy country? Can we now begin to move on? Or will that ever happen?

Whatever the new beginnings are in your life, my prayers are with you. New beginnings can be really scary, but the door is open now. All you can do is trust in God's mercy and keep walking. Thanks be to God.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in the family

An update: my lightheadness has gone away! I visited a neurologist about a week and half ago, and he told me it is a symptom of migraine headaches (which I have). So, I have proper meds and a diet to follow. Life is good once again!

I just got back to Atlanta from a week at home with the family in TN. Wow. I am really glad to get back here! Not that I don't love my family, but I really love my life here. We start the fall semester this week, which should be great. I love the classes I'm taking and it will be fantastic to catch up with all my classmates who've been gone over the summer.

I've been thinking lately about the family. Family is not just your biological/adoptive family. It is the people you surround yourself with- friends and others in your life. I have this group of people here at the seminary who I am close with. Even though, sometimes we are separated- I know I can always go back there. They are the Hebrew track students of 2005. We have a bond that I don't think can really ever be broken, even if there is distance between us. Although, I am branching out and do things with lots of people here, I know I can fall back and know they are there to catch me, and I am there to catch them.

I guess what I am trying to say...is it's nice to be back in the family.