Monday, April 20, 2009

No Yale for me...

Well, after a month of waiting patiently (or impatiently), I heard from Yale New Haven Hospital. They have filled their program & I am not going to be one of their resident chaplains next year. I'm a little sad & disappointed today. But, I'm actually handling it fairly well, all things considered. I am holding onto faith that God indeed has plans for me, and this was not it.

Plan B is to spend the summer at home in Tennessee after graduation & begin the search process for a call in full force. I'm not a huge fan of liminal space, but I think this is where I am being called to live for at least the next little while. I will go through final assessment with the CPM & Holston Presbytery during the first week of June, and hopefully on June 6th, I can put my PIF out there.

God is with me. I know this. It's still hard, but I have a lot of other stuff to focus on right now, like writing a paper for American Religious History, preparing a presentation for that class (which is tomorrow), and writing a lesson plan & rationale for Christian Ed. Not to mention taking an oral alternative Bible Content exam! Lots to keep my mind occupied:)

Thanks to all of you who sent prayers my way! I can really feel them.

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B-W said...

Sorry to hear about the (lack of) chaplaincy. I hope the rest of your CPM process goes well.