Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glimpses of Grace

That is the title of my dear friend Whitney's blog. She posted her top ten favorite glimpses today & as I read through them, I was reminded of her journey through seminary & now in Belfast, Northern Ireland as a minister of Word & Sacrament.

I am also reminded of the glimpses of grace in my own life ~
  • the amazing words of love & grace from two powerful sisters in Christ - Christine Yoder & Kathleen O'Connor
  • a warm cup of tea after a rather chilly evening
  • friends who always know what you are thinking even before speaking one word out loud
  • receiving a note from a pastor I worked for before coming to seminary asking how I was & if I needed anything as I move towards graduation
  • seeing a friend after a long time apart & rejoicing in her daughter's recovery from illness
  • the incredible support & love of a trusted professor & friend through a rough patch of life
  • these final days of seminary, although amidst anxiety & sadness
  • the gift of new life and new beginnings

So, thank you Whitney, for sharing your glimpses of grace with us. And for being one in my life.

1 comment:

Whitney said...

oh it's here too! thank you so much, erin. this means so much to me (as you do!). i look foward to talking to you soon! love ya!