Thursday, April 03, 2008


Ok, so I've been tagged! Bruce Reyes-Chow started this whole PresbyMeme thing & somehow it made it to me. Wow. It's kind of like a chain letter...but all about answering Presbyterian questions. So, I guess I'll give it a try.
Here's the rules:
(1) In about 25 words, answer each of the 5 questions
(2) Tag 5 Presbyterian bloggers & send them a note telling them they've been tagged.
(3) Be sure to link or send a trackback to this post (not sure what that's about...)

Question 1: What is your earliest memory of being distinctly Presbyterian?
Well, I grew up Presbyterian. I guess it would be going to Camp Crestfield in Slippery Rock, PA as a kid for summer camp. It was cool to think all of these kids are Presbyterian just like me! I spent lots of time at Crestfield, which is Pittsburgh Presbytery's camp.
Question 2: On what issue/question should the PC(USA) spend LESS energy & time?
There are many issues, but I would go with focusing on the differences between people, whether it is race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I see this happening too much in the world as well as within our denomination.
Question 3: On what issue/question should the PC(USA) spend MORE energy & time?
Encouraging young adults to be active in the church! Developing great programming & support for local churches to engage this demographic.
Question 4: If you could have the PC(USA) focus on one passage of scripture for an entire year, what would it be?
Hands down, I Corinthians 12:12-31. One body, many members. It's talked about a lot, but it's so important!
Question 5: If the PC(USA) were an animal, what would it be & why?
A turtle. We move slowly along the path, protecting ourselves with the hard outer shell, and sometimes get stuck on our backs!

So, I guess I need to tag people now. The only problem is that everyone I know has been tagged, except for my friend Rob. Oh well- Rob can pass it on.
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