Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's been one of those weeks

I'm sitting in this amazing, little indie coffeehouse near the University of Maryland. I needed a change of pace, a change of scenery. It's been one of those weeks. Amy's been out of town this week on continuing ed, which left me to make decisions & praying no crises would erupt. Thankfully, there was nothing I couldn't handle, but it still left me a little stressed. B's been super busy of late, so we've not been able to see much of each other. Two mornings this week, I took my friend Nikki's four year old son, Jack to preschool. I realized I was indeed old enough to have a four year old post-college. I am certainly not ready to be a preschool/soccer mom. Then, last night, in the middle of my "I need a break-Chinese food- Gilmore Girls marathon", my phone rang. It was my dad & he tells me that he is in the hospital! My dad & I both have a heart condition that causes our heartbeats to be irregular & at times can cause symptoms like a heart attack. He had an episode & has landed himself in the hospital for the weekend. He's had lots of tests & they got him stable. While I know he will be just fine, it is still a little unnerving. It reminds me of what I have to look forward to in my future- the condition worsens with age. I talked with him this morning & he sounds good. I know being in the hospital is not fun, but it is a little reassuring knowing there are people monitoring him throughout the day & night. My mom is staying with him during the day & he's had plenty of visitors.

Man. Life can be nuts sometimes. And, my schedule for this next week is a little on the full side! Tomorrow is the annual meeting & potluck lunch at church, I am going to a church member's art show in the evening, I am out four nights this week (meetings & choir), writing a sermon & liturgy for the bulletin this week, prepping another Sunday school lesson, preschool mom-ing two mornings, plus an appt on Thursday afternoon, not to mention needing to pay a visit or two to some church members. So, today I am enjoying some time away, drinking tea in this little coffeehouse. Which, is literally a house painted in funky colors and filled with eccentric people. A great place to immerse myself & refocus for what is ahead.

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Rob Monroe said...

So the little coffee house is good? It's always been one of those places that look cool but a little weird to me. Being a local, I usually avoid any place that close to UMD until this time of year, when the students are not here!

Hope your week isn't too crazy.