Monday, August 09, 2010

Hope my week isn't too nutty...

Well, I posted a status last Sunday (August 1st) - "I hope my week is not too nutty". Wow, I shouldn't have done that! This past week has been completely insane. It started that night when I cut my thumb on a can lid from my recycling bin. I went up the street to a church member, who is a retired nurse, and she bandaged me up. But, my thumb started hurting pretty bad, so went to the doctor who sent me to a hand surgeon. I have an infection. Of course. So, I started on antibiotics and had a tetanus shot. And, that meant not using my left hand as much. That made things a bit more difficult!

And then on Saturday morning, I called my mom's phone. My dad answered & said he was at the hospital with my mom. She had gotten pretty sick that morning, and after she passed out & aspirated on her vomit, he took her to the ER. Once she got there, she passed out again & flatlined for about 20 seconds. She was then transferred to a major medical center about 45 minutes away. During this time, I quickly called & got a flight to TN from PA for that evening. I arrived late Saturday night & have spent the majority of my time at the hospital.

She ended up getting a pacemaker put in this morning to help correct her atrial fibrillation and slow heart rate, which was causing the dizzy spells, vomiting, and passing out. The surgery went well, she is up and alert, and doing much better. She will be coming home tomorrow.

Thanks be to God that my dad came home Saturday morning & found her. If he hadn't, she could have died there at home. And, if she wasn't at the hospital when she flat lined, she could have died. I am pretty thankful she is still here with us. And, that my church allowed me to get home to be with my family. Mostly, I've been caring for my dad and doing some things for my mom. I've realized how much work it is to care for aging parents, and they are still young in the grand scheme of things.

I am heading back to PA on Wednesday morning. And, now I know not to post a status such as hoping my week is not too nutty. Hopefully, things are looking up from this point. Hope that doesn't get me now...

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