Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yale, Gilmore Girls, & Adventures in NYC

I am sitting in my hotel room in New Haven, CT. I flew from Atlanta to New York City this morning, landing at JFK airport. Then, I navigated the A & 4 lines of the NYC subway system to Grand Central Station. The place was filled with St. Patty's Day parade people & lots of green! After an amazing slice of NYC pizza, I boarded a commuter train to New Haven. The train made stops in Greenwich, Stamford, Milford & a few other little Connecticut towns before ending up in New Haven.

I wandered around the town late this afternoon, had dinner at an Irish pub, and took a walk through some of the Yale campus. I saw Branford College - where Rory Gilmore lived during her time at Yale:) My plan is to hit the Yale Bookstore & study in the library tomorrow afternoon.

The reason for my travels to CT is to interview at Yale-New Haven Hospital in the morning for their CPE residency program. I really think this might be where I will end up in September! Hope that it goes well tomorrow.


RobMonroe said...

Yesterday must have been a cool day to travel into the northeast corridor! They know how to party up there!

Good luck on the interview and discerning where you are being called in the fall.

Anonymous said...

blessings on you and your travels!

Byron said...

Erin - how did it go? Do tell!


Erin said...

Thanks for the thoughts & blessings. It went really well. I should hear this week if I'm going there or not! Keep praying...