Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am happy to say things are much better inside of my head now. I've come to realize there is nothing wrong with seeing a pastoral counselor on a regular basis. In fact, I think all those who are in ministry need to do this! We are the ones who people turn to in moments of crisis and pain, the ones who people ask many, many questions of, and the ones who have to handle the day to day business of the church. We need someone to keep us on track and a space to unload our own stuff.

Life continues to be very busy. This is what my week looks like:
  • The church is in the middle of a stewardship campaign- taking a new approach. So, I am knee deep into preparing the narrative budget and other communications. This means lots of email conversations and meetings.
  • I am preaching this Sunday- Luke 18.1-8- and I've got some notes, but it is a long way off from being a coherant sermon. I'll be hold up in Starbucks, drinking lots of yummy apple cider, trying to get it out of my head and onto paper.
  • Also, I am teaching an adult Sunday school class these next two weeks on Biblical Interpretation. Something I have a great deal of experience in doing, but it is still hard to figure out what I am going to say to a group of adults.
  • I am responsible for sending out the church's enews each week. This involves time to gather all the info and put it in a newsletter form, with pictures and all.
  • On November 5, I am meeting my CPM to revisit my candidacy. This is a rather important meeting, since it basically involves my life, not just my career. Trying to finish up the paperwork in the next few days to send off to the committee chair.

Needless to say, I could use all the prayers I can get!

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