Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art Inspiration

I went to an art opening at a studio space where Fred (this amazing guy who graduated from seminary last May) was showing his paintings. They were beautiful and thought provoking. There was wine and an artist's talk, and Fred said something simply amazing that really made me think. He talked about how he finds great joy in putting paint on canvas, but that in high school, he was afraid to paint or draw for a period of time. He said he just dove right back in.

It made me think about the last couple of weeks for me. I was so afraid of climbing into the pulpit to preach this past Sunday. I just stared at the pulpit for a week and just couldn't gather enough strength to climb into it. Then, I just did it. It took me a while- I just stood there, holding on and remembering why I love being there. So, when Sunday rolled around, I had this overwhelming sense of comfort. The sermon went well. Worship was beautiful and flowed together like never before.

It does not mean I don't still feel a little lost as to what to do next on this journey. But, I am coming back around. Joy.

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